Roof Inspection Services

Roof Condition Assessment (Visual Inspection)

A roof condition assessment is conducted to determine the general condition of the roof and identify obvious failures. Systematic Roofing Analysis’ field service personnel will conduct the visual inspection and document all potential problem areas in a written report. SRA will also document any problems noted during the roof condition assessment with photographs showing some of the more significant problems identified during the inspection.

Detailed Roof Evaluation

A detailed roof evaluation is conducted to provide an extensive assessment of the roof components and current conditions. This roof evaluation will consist of a formal report, which will include field data, detailed scale drawings of all roof areas, photographs of field conditions, recommendations for repair/replacement and recommended schedules, and repair or replacement cost estimates. Roof core samples will be obtained for laboratory analysis.

Infrared Moisture Survey (Thermal Imaging)

An infrared moisture survey can be performed utilizing a FLIR Model #T420bx Infrared Scanner. The infrared moisture survey is conducted to determine the moisture content within the existing roofing assembly. Entrapped moisture leads to premature deterioration of the roof materials, loss of insulation R-value, and deck corrosion. An infrared moisture survey can also be utilized as a means of detecting active leaks. Infrared moisture surveys are performed during nighttime hours and are subject to specific weather and roof surface conditions in order to achieve accurate results. Weather must be clear, dry and sunny on the day of the survey. Ambient air temperatures must fall a minimum of 10°F between day and night time hours. Roof surfaces must be free of standing water, ice or frost.

Leak Investigation

A leak investigation is performed to determine source of active leaks into the roofing assembly and/or building and provide recommendations for long-term repairs. An infrared moisture survey can be utilized as a diagnostic tool in determining extent of moisture infiltration.

Natural Disaster Damage Inspection

A post-storm visual inspection can be performed to determine the extent of roof damage caused by wind, hail, snow/ice or other weather conditions. The inspection will include a damage assessment, photographs of roof system failures, and recommended repairs or replacement based on the extent of damage.