Roof Management Services

Preventive Maintenance / Roof Audit Program

SRA recommends formulating a preventive maintenance/roof audit program for all existing and new roof systems. The main purpose of preventive maintenance programs is to establish a simple format designed to be utilized by internal maintenance personnel as a reference and yearly inspection of a client’s roof systems.

A well detailed preventive maintenance/roof audit program will detect potential failures developing within the roof system before system failure occurs. When moisture penetrates the roof system, if detected in an early stage, repairs can be conducted under the warranty at no cost to the Owner. If major failures remain undetected, total system failure can occur, and most manufacturers’ warranties indicate yearly inspections should be conducted. A comprehensive preventive maintenance/roof audit program will add years of cost-effective service life to your roof system, as well as documentation of any potential problems developing within your system that may need immediate attention and remedial repair.

Roof System Maintenance Program (Roof/Drain/Gutter Cleaning)

SRA has managed a Roof System Maintenance Program for a client with nearly 2000 buildings for the past 10 years. The purpose of the Roof System Maintenance Program is to clean roof systems and drain and gutter systems, on a yearly or bi-yearly basis utilizing reputable Roofing Contractors. Also, during site visits, Roofing Contractors are to report any major deficiencies that may be identified to SRA. As the Project Management firm for this program, SRA is responsible to obtain bids for this work, select bidders based on coverage area and costs, perform project management for this program, including collecting and compiling all data, schedules, reports and photographs for this program.

By performing the Roof System Maintenance Program, SRA is confident that many leaks and potential problems have been avoided as the roof drainage is open and flowing properly, especially during catastrophic events such as hurricanes and snow storms where heavy amounts of rain and/or snow has occurred.

Rooftop Snow Removal Program

SRA has been a 24-7 on-call Project Management firm for a client with nearly 2000 buildings during snow or ice storm events. SRA utilizes reputable and local Roofing Contractors who are trained to obtain weights and measurements per OSHA safety guidelines. Once all weights and measurements and rooftop assessment has been received and analyzed, SRA will provide the client with the proper course of action that shall be taken to alleviate the weight and snow depths on these roof systems and to ensure to no major damage is caused to the building. It is SRA’s goal to maintain a safe working environment for each client, their employees and customers. During snow removal procedures, SRA will provide continuous communication with the Snow Removal Contractor and client and will perform various Project Management tasks as required by the client to ensure the program runs smoothly and in a safe but yet cost-effective manner. As part of Project Management services, SRA also performs inspection of the roof system to ensure no damage was caused to the roof system during the snow removal procedures.

Budget Projections

For clients with multiple buildings or roof sections, SRA provides short-term and long-term budget projections for roof maintenance, repairs and replacement based on visual inspections or roof evaluations performed on the roof sections or buildings, which would be prioritized based on conditions observed.

Roof Asset Management Program (Building Database Program)

SRA can develop a customized roof asset management program which allows clients to access a web-based database program to manage their building portfolio. The roof asset management program will include specific information related to the roof/building portfolio, including project details, roof components, history, maintenance, and will include related project documents for any particular building. The purpose of the roof asset management program is to provide our clients with the ability to have full access to any particular project information on their building roofs and to easily track history and recommendations for future repair and or replacements that may be required.