Roof Design Services

Plans and Specifications

Upon completion of a roofing system evaluation, certain roofing sections may require remedial work or a roof coating, while others, require replacement in part or entirety. SRA will employ its experience in developing the least costly design alternatives and provide necessary technical design services.

On roof systems where remedial work is cost effective and the service life of the roof can be extended, we will provide detailed construction drawings and contract documents for bidding purposes. The information gathered during the roof system evaluation will be incorporated into the bid packages, so a detailed scope of work can be provided to prospective roofing contractors.

When the roof system on a particular building area requires replacement, Systematic Roofing Analysis will prepare reroofing specifications, detailed construction drawings and contract documents. Our specification writers and project managers will conduct a thorough analysis of the available roofing systems, in order to determine the most compatible system type which meets with the Owner’s criteria and budgetary requirements. Particular attention will be given to design parameters such as:

  • Roof size and layout characteristics
  • Roof expansion and contraction characteristics
  • Roof deck and structural load capability
  • Roof slope and drainage system characteristics
  • Perimeter edge and flashing details
  • Rooftop equipment, supports and through roof penetrations
  • Existing system retrofitting feasibility
  • Roof traffic patterns
  • Contaminant discharges or spills on the roof
  • Contaminant exposure from adjacent plants or facilities
  • Regional climatic conditions
  • Installation methods and logistics
  • Future maintenance requirements
  • Future facility expansion considerations
  • Budgetary considerations

Once all the required performance criteria have been evaluated, defined, and coordinated, the roofing system design can be tailored to provide the best system for the project.

Bidding and Negotiating Phase

Careful planning, timely bidding, and the method of bidding are important factors for cost savings in reroofing projects. The method of bidding is a crucial factor when deciding to use an individual bidder versus competitive bidding. Using a union roofer versus a non-union roofer will, also, have an impact on the bid price. Typically, during the first and second quarters of a fiscal year, the contractors are more aggressive in their pricing.

Contract Award

Upon completion of the formal bid package for roofing repairs or replacement, Systematic Roofing Analysis will act as the Owner’s representative and assist with execution of the contract. SRA will assist in the area of roofing contractor qualification, so that only contractors with a proven track record with a particular system will be invited to submit bids.

Once a list of qualified contractors has been developed, SRA will conduct a pre-bid conference with Owner’s representatives and the invited bidders. The purpose of this meeting will be to thoroughly review the project specification manual, explain all project requirements, summarize design details, answer all pertinent questions, explain scheduling, and conduct a tour of the roof area to be replaced.

SRA will assist with contractor selection, based upon an analysis of bids received. When the contract has been awarded, SRA will conduct a preconstruction conference with Owner’s representatives and the successful bidder. At this meeting, we will again review the project requirements, document existing project conditions, detail scheduling procedures, and explain testing and inspection requirements.

In summary, SRA will prepare plans and specifications so that roof repairs, coatings or replacements will be performed in a timely and orderly manner. SRA will act as Owner’s representative, thus removing a portion of the coordination burden from the Owner’s personnel while insuring a stable project schedule and controlled cost.

Quality Assurance Construction Monitoring Program
The goal of the construction monitoring program is to provide on-site, quality assurance services and represent the Owner in any and all field-related activities. These services will ensure that the roofing contractor properly implements the technical design in an accurate and reliable manner.

During the remedial repairs or reroofing construction, Systematic Roofing Analysis will provide on-site quality control monitors, as well as project management staffing. We will ensure that all roofing work is conducted in compliance with project plans and specifications. SRA on-site inspectors maintain daily, written reports and obtain photographic documentation as work progresses.

The scope of services SRA provides for construction monitoring services are as follows:

Installation Stage:

  • Review, monitor and report progress of Roofing Contractor’s Construction Schedule.
  • Review vapor retarder, insulation, accessory metal work, and roof membrane and flashing materials and samples for compliance with project contract documents and approved submittals.
  • Monitor and report unnecessary or damaging traffic over new roof installation.
  • Document deficiencies (if any) in the new roof installation and ensure the roofing system is installed in accordance with accepted roofing practice.
  • Document noncompliance by Roofing Contractor, using photographs.
  • Prepare Quality Control Reports which will provide a written summary of work performed, area worked, test results, and other pertinent information. Photographs and roof diagram graphics may be provided to support these written reports.

Post Installation Stage:

  • Report repair of all damaged or deficient roof areas.
  • Assemble project data and close-out documents for Owner’s file.
  • Issue Quality Control punch list based upon visual final inspection. (Infrared Moisture Survey is available at additional cost.)

A properly implemented quality assurance construction monitoring program will add years to the roof’s service life, and thus reduce the annual prorated roofing cost.